Arp 256

ESA(ヨーロッパ宇宙機関/European Space Agency)Hubble(ハッブル)より約3億5,000万光年離れたArp 256の動画を。
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Zoom on Arp 256 HubbleESA

「This video zooms in on the two interacting spiral galaxies of the ARP 256 system, about 350 million light-years away. It starts with a view of the night sky, focused on the constellation of Cetus (the Sea Monster), as seen from the ground. It then zooms through observations from the Digitized Sky Survey 2, and ends with a view of Arp 256 obtained with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.」

ちなみにESA Hubble Space Telescopeでは、宇宙のいくつかの画像のイメージギャラリーや動画なども公開されています。