NASA Ascent Abort2 実物画像

NASAアメリカ航空宇宙局(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)Ascent Abort-2実物画像。

ノースロップグラマン(Northrop Grumman)ロケットでアメリカ合衆国フロリダ州のCCAFSケープカナベラル空軍基地(Cape Canaveral Air Force Station)Space Launch Complex 46から打ち上げ予定。2024年、NASAが月に還るミッションで、NASA Moon 2024で、ULAがすごい動いているような・・・。ボーイングは少し気になるような・・・。

NASA’s Ascent Abort-2 Test of Orion NASA Johnson

In a test targeted for Summer 2019 known as Ascent Abort-2, NASA will verify the Orion spacecraft’s launch abort system, a tower on top of the crew module, can steer the capsule and astronauts inside it to safety in the event of an issue with the Space Launch System rocket when the spacecraft is under the highest aerodynamic loads it will experience during ascent for deep-space missions. The test is quick, fast and high, lasting less than three minutes with the test crew module reaching an average speed of Mach 1.5, roughly 1020 miles per hour, at approximately 32,000 feet in altitude.

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