Unity Unite Los Angeles 2018

Unity Unite Los Angeles 2018

Unite Los Angeles 2018 – Day 1 Livestream

For those of you joining us from home, we will be streaming selected sessions live from Los Angeles!

Day 1 schedule 
(Tuesday, October 23 - PST):

▶️10:00AM: Testing and QA Open Mic

▶️11:00AM: Getting Started with the Lightweight Render Pipeline

▶️01:00PM: Technical Deep Dive into the New Prefab System

▶️02:00PM: New Addressable Asset System for Speed and Performance

▶️03:00PM: Troubleshooting Memory-Related Issues with the Memory Profiler

▶️04:00PM: Real-World Gaming: A New Way to Bring Fantasy to Everyday Life

Unity Unite Los Angeles 2018 October 23 — 25, Los Angeles

Unite Los Angeles 2018 – Keynote Livestream Unity

During the Unite LA Keynote you can expect world exclusive announcements that will leave you on the edge of your seat, including an in-depth demo showcasing the latest advancements in Unity’s ECS, industry veterans revealing innovations for cinematic animation, and a sneak peek at Unity’s sample game.


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Meet Bruno, Chief Security/ Snooze Officer in our Vilnius office 🐾

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We’re having so much fun at Unite Training Day, teaching attendees about the mobile game building process 🤩 #UniteLA

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