VOCALOID Keyboardがかっこよすぎる



そんなボーカロイド(vocaloid)のボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)がかっこよすぎる件。

このボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)は、ボーカロイド(vocaloid)のメーカーヤマハ(YAMAHA)から出ている
YAMAHA VOCALOID Keyboard VKB-100ですが、現時点での価格値段は、37,800円(税別)。

かなりボカロことボーカロイド(vocaloid)は普及してきたものの、まだまだ。個人的にボカロことボーカロイド(vocaloid)の将来性や可能性はかなりあると考えているのですが、ボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)がかっこいいですよ。

初音ミク(Miku Hatsune)インスタグラム(Instagram)

Good Morning/Afternoon! ☆ ⠀ Have you ever wanted to play VOCALOID in real time like an instrument? Well, that’s exactly what the VOCALOID Keyboard can do! Check out the promotional trailer for the VKB-100 from Yamaha’s YouTube channel (above)! The featured song is “シンデレラベイビー (Cinderella Baby),” performed by Antenna Girl, POCO, Tobari Tsuda, Daisuke, Takuya Yajima, and Hatsune Miku‘s voice bank on the keyboard itself! You first input the lyrics using an app that you can download for your smartphone, which can then be transmitted to the keyboard via Bluetooth. Once the lyrics have been received, you can play the song melody on the keyboard with your right hand and control the vocals with your left, using one of five available voicebanks. The keyboard is scheduled to be released next month on December 9th, 2017! What’s more, there’s a special bonus available for people who pre-order it now! The VKB-100 will not have a set universal price, leaving it up to each individual store to decide their own retail price. Research has shown that most stores that are currently accepting pre-orders are selling the keyboard at a price within the range of ¥35,000 to ¥37,000 JPY (about $308 to $326 USD), excluding tax. Some known online stores that are currently accepting pre-orders for the VKB-100 are as follows: AHS Store Rock oN Line eStore Ishibashi Music IKEBE GAKKI Yahoo! Japan MIKIGAKKI Please note that the asking price varies from store to store. Individual research is encouraged, as is use of a proxy service for those who are experienced at using them! Please check my page for more information! #HatsuneMiku #Miku #初音ミク #Vocaloid #Anime #Mikunews #Kawaii #かわいい #VocaloidKeyboard #Yamaha

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こちらがボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)の動画です。

VOCALOID Keyboard ボカロを歌わせるキーボード ヤマハ(YAMAHA)公式動画


ちなみにボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)予約キャンペーンは、2017年12月7日がエントリー締切り日。

ボーカロイドキーボード(Vocaloid Keyboard)公式ツイッター(Twitter)

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